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Lexi Collins

Lexi Brooke Collins, 10-years-old, was born on Sept. 1, 2009 to Jacy and Jara Collins of Munday.

Lexi is a name for a girl who stands out among all—a loving, beautiful, and caring one. Her smile was bright, but she was shy because of it.  Her vibrant, curly hair was different compared to all the other girls around.  She was unique, extraordinary, and truly a one of a kind.  She was a true Mogul fan from Munday. Lexi wore the purple and gold with pride.

She and her parents Jacy and Jara (Gray) Collins were the best and loudest fans for Lexi’s best friend, her older brother Talan, on his sporting events. Lexi was the type of child that all parents would love to have. Talan adored her and so did her younger brother Grayson.

Lexi lit up the world she lived in, from her grandparents’ houses to the hallways of Munday Elementary.  This contagious smile of Lexi’s was embellished with dimples that put a twinkle in her eyes that truly displayed the presence of God.  That smile of hers was the curve that set everything else right.  With this exuberance of light and her servant’s heart, Lexi gave so much joy and love to not only her family, but also to those who were blessed enough to have been a part of her life.  The definition of light is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.  Lexi was the breathing, walking definition of light.  Lexi always walked on sunshine.  It was just an innate part of her soul.  In the Bible, light is defined in life in John 1:4— “In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.  Those who have faith through him will have eternal life.”

With the closing of schools the past few weeks, Lexi spent her days between her home and her grandmother’s house.  She spent countless hours making much needed facial masks (approximately 100) for the Knox County community and other surrounding counties. One skill that Lexi had mastered at such a young age was quilting, which was a trade she picked up from her Mammy and Mamaw, and she won awards from the Cotton Pickin’ Quilt Show.

Like her mother Jara, Lexi was a giver and helper—she gave smiles, love, and anything else she could to just make your day better and helped others with the day’s tasks or helping an upset friend smile.  Being a typical 10-year old, Lexi loved to play, enjoyed the fun in everyday life, and always gave her special kind of love to others.  Just like her daddy and granddaddy, Lexi loved horses and enjoyed the great outdoors with them.  She was definitely “Daddy’s Princess.”  Lexi’s love of water can be labeled as a symmetrical connection with one of any aquatic animals.

With the passing of Papaw and Nana’s “pretty girl,” on Friday, April 17, 2020, the empty part of our hearts will be filled with memories of Lexi in tow with her two brothers and cousin Kylen.  Her two-year-old brother Grayson is going to greatly miss his second mama—Lexi.  Talan, her older brother by two years, will miss his compass—Lexi—to direct him.  Lexi loved wearing her favorite color turquoise or her favorite print—leopard.

Lexi enjoyed going to the trampoline park and jumping her legs off.  Lexi went to school for her love of socializing and not so much the schoolwork.  Lexi loved playing basketball on her mom’s team while sharing words of encouragement to her teammates.

She is survived by her parents Jacy and Jara Collins, brothers Talan and Grayson along with her grandparents Jerry and Rachel Gray of Munday.  She also leaves behind her loving Benjamin family – grandparents Mike and Tammy Lyles and her great grandmother Jan Carver.  Lexi had many aunts, uncles and cousins, who are holding her dear to their hearts forever.

Until we meet again, Lexi keep smiling, keep caring, and keep God’s faith in your soul.