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Churches host ‘NachoAverageSeniorSupper’

By Ronda Thompson—

MUNDAY—the community of Munday rolled out the red carpet for the Class of 2020 last Wednesday, surprising their seniors with a star-studded #nachoaverageseniorsupper and parade.

Normally, the local churches annually host senior suppers for them but of course under the COVID situation they couldn’t; so they hosted a progressive dinner party for them starting in the MHS high school parking lot at 6 p.m.

Goree Baptist church supplied “decor” for each senior to decorate their car for the town parade which was led by the local volunteer fire department and chief of police. Each senior had their own chauffeur, someone they had been quarantining with, so they could safely enjoy the route.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church started their evening meal with specialized drinks and then they proceeded to the Church of Christ for chips and hot sauce. Everything was delivered to their cars throughout the evening. Next they traveled to First Baptist Church for rice and beans; then to First United Methodist Church for burritos; and finally to Believers Chapel for sopapilla cheesecake where they hopped out of their vehicle real quick to have their individual picture made in front of a very fiesta background. The churches gifted each senior with special gifts as well.

They then headed back to the high school parking lot to don their caps and gown and headed to the bleachers in the football stands standing six feet apart to make a group picture for the yearbook. Their “big surprise” was they had no idea how the community had been working fervently dressing up in movie scenes along their route. This was the scavenger part of the night. They got a point for every movie they were able to identify and then a point for pictures they posted of that movie with the #NachoAverageSeniorSupper.

There were movie scenes from Jurassic Park, various Disney movies, Nacho Libre, Steel Magnolias, Jaws, Minions, Barn Yard, Lonesome Dove, Star Wars, Lego, Sandlot, Forrest Gump, Hocus Pocus, Greatest Showman and many more. Of course Tiger King was alive and well.

All involved wanted this to be a very special night for the Class of 2020 and it sure was!

One of the biggest blessings of living in such a small community is how everyone comes together in good times and bad times. Together we will all get through this crazy Covid season!

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