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Preliminary plat for Raider Park subdivision approved

Commissioners Court

By Dakota McDonald/The Post Dispatch—

Supplementary documents
to the initial preliminary
plat for Raider
Park subdivision was approved
at the recent Commissioners
Court meeting.

The subdivision, which
is not located within any
current extraterritorial jurisdictions,
includes 56 half-acre lots located on
the west side of C R 355,
approximately a quarter
mile north of Boat Ramp
Road at Lake Allen Henry.
The initial preliminary
plat, submitted by R2M
Engineering of Lubbock,
Texas, on behalf of landowners
Adam Dawson
and Joe Burk Investments,
was approved June 22.
In the initial plat, it was
noted that one dumpster
will serve four to six lots,
proposed roads will be
22 feet wide and made of
all-weather paving with
ditches on both sides and
drainage crossings will be
concrete valley gutters.
Additionally, a $2,500
check was submitted by
the landowners to cover
review fees.

In the supplementary
documents, utility service
providers were approved.
Big Country Electric Cooperative
will serve at the
electric provider, Caprock
Telephone Cooperative as
the communications provider,
Lake Alan Henry
Water District as the water
service provider and
Lake Alan Henry Refuge
Service as the solid water
collection service provider.

It was noted that
water service to the initial
14 lots will be temporarily
serviced by Grubs Water
Supply until the Lake
Alan Henry Water District
six-inch waterline is
constructed and approved.

Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality is
still to approve the water
system once the permanent
water service provider
installs it.

Roadway construction
for the entire 56 lots is set
to begin soon.

The commissioners
also approved an intergovernmental
agreement between Hale County and
Garza County regarding
the housing of prisoners.

Currently, Garza
County shares a separate
intergovernmental agreement
with Hale County
in which Hale inmates
are housed at the Garza
County Jail under the
same terms.

In the agreement, Hale
County agreed to house
prisoners incarcerated
by Garza if the space is
available in the jail. The
availability of space is
to be determined by the
Hale County Sheriff in
accordance with current
jail regulations set by the
Texas Commission on Jail
Standards with regard to
the current and expected
census of the jail.

Inmate housing is set at
a rate of $45 per day per
prisoner. Hale is to bill
Garza on a monthly basis
in an itemized statement
showing the number of
days per each individual
prisoner housed in the
jail. Hale shall assess a full
day’s fee beginning on the
date the inmate is booked
into the jail.

Additionally, Garza will
pay for all hospitalizations,
health care services
and prescription drugs
provided to any prisoner.
Nonprescription medications
will be administered
without charge.

Under the agreement,
the Hale County Sheriff
may refuse to accept any
prisoner and may remove
any prisoner incarcerated
under the agreement.

The agreement is set to
terminate on midnight,
Dec. 31. However, unless
one of the parties gives
written notice on or before
Dec. 1 of intent not
to renew the agreement,
the agreement will automatically
renew each year
on Jan. 1.

The court also approved
to fund the construction
of a stand alone building
for the maintenance department’s
use at the Giles
W. Dalby Correctional
Facility through the Cornerstone

The maintenance building
is to serve as a depository
for tool storage,
maintenance equipment
and as a record retention
sight to meet the requirements
of various contracting

The building, which
is to cost approximately
$81,000, is to be finished
and operating by November
2021 as to pass scheduled
American Correctional
Association reaccreditation.

The approximate
cost does not include
clearing of the construction
site or the dirt work
to bring the site up to the
level of the perimeter road
and parking lot.
In county reports,
Garza County Judge Lee
Norman acknowledged
members of the Giles W.
Dalby Correctional Facility
staff for receiving a
100-percent audit score
which is considered a premier

Garza County Sheriff
Terry Morgan announced
that Terry Bartlett had
found a grant to help acquire
20 new portable police
radios for use by patrol
officers, the fire department
and EMS personnel.

The radios currently
in use are out-of-date and
cannot be repaired due to
the original company no
longer producing parts for
the radios.

County Extension
Agent Danya Peterson
informed the court that
the Garza 4-H Golden
Clover Club will soon be
conducting a canned food
drive. 4-H members will
set up boxes at the United
Supermarkets located
at 123 N Broadway that
donors can drop canned
goods in. The goods will
go toward the depleted
stock at Garza County
Trailblazers Senior Citizen
Center. More information
including what
items to donate will be
released at a later date.

The next regular meeting
is set for 9 a.m., Nov.
9 at the Garza County
Courthouse, 300 W. Main.

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