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Benjamin second in Last Strike

Rolling Plains Technical School—

claimed second place in
the team competition in the
Last Strike Welding Contest
held here last Monday at
the Rolling Plains Technical
School. Seymour took first
place, Comanche third and
Nocona fourth.

Members of the Benjamin
team were Nicolas Ham,
Nicholas Stovall and Mario
Silva while Dallas Willis was
the instructor.

RPTS instructor Monty
Moeller reported the students
had to work together to construct
a gate to specifications
on blue prints. “The students’
skills and endurance were
pushed to the limits,” said
Moeller. “Students endured
rain, sleet, snow and cold temperatures,
‘real life’ scenarios.”

Judges were State Technical
College instructor Stephen
Hope, Ricky Smith of Smith
Construction and J D Gerhard
of Gerhard Welding.
Knox City also was one of
26 teams competing in the

In the individual competition
where oxy-fuel cutting,
welding and a test was conducted,
the top four were Nate
King of Haskell, Edwyn Riveria
of Morton, Montana Knight
of Morton and Xavier Herrera
of Comanche. Miquel Ponce
of Benjamin had the highest
quiz score, Hadley Harrigal of
Holliday the highest cutting
score and Riveria the highest
welding score.

“The students’ skills and
technical knowledge of the
welding industry determined
the winners,” added Moeller.

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