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Make health a priority

Tips for Thanksgiving

Knox County Hospital District

KNOX CITY–The Thanksgiving Day holiday will be here before we know it. No matter how busy your schedule may get, making your health a priority this holiday season is imperative.

“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays each year, but things will undoubtedly look a little different this year with COVID-19 concerns lingering,” said Stephen Kuehler, CEO of Knox County Hospital District. “Coronavirus still threatens our community, so we all must continue safety protocols while trying to enjoy the upcoming holiday.”

To remind area residents how to safely enjoy the upcoming holiday, Knox County Hospital District officials have shared five health and wellness tips designed to keep the community out of danger.

As cases of coronavirus continue to rise here in Texas and across the country, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends staying home and avoid long-distance traveling to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Consider smaller outings
To protect you and your loved ones’ health, the CDC suggests individuals have a small dinner only with people who live in your household. Virtual dinners through Facetime and webcams are strongly encouraged to connect with family instead of large gatherings.

Stay active
Cooler weather and busier schedules typically lead to many putting exercises on the backburner. Unfortunately, doing so can lead to weight gain and contribute to the onset of many health conditions. Throughout the upcoming holiday season, making time to stay active is critical.

A brisk walk or jog around your neighborhood can be incredibly beneficial. If you want to catch up with a friend or loved one, a walk/run is the perfect opportunity to invite them along.

At-home workouts have never been more practical due to the ongoing pandemic. Try searching the Web or YouTube for “simple at-home workouts” to discover many routines that you can follow.

Don’t skip meals to binge later
On Thanksgiving Day, many people skip meals like breakfast and lunch to “save calories” to indulge in a larger Thanksgiving dinner. This mindset is counterintuitive and can lead to binge eating.

Breakfast continues to be the most important meal of the day, and it is one you do not want to miss. While it does not have to be an elaborate meal, a simple breakfast comprised of oatmeal and fresh fruit can provide the nutrition and energy you need to get your day started.

Staying adequately hydrated throughout the day is also essential. Drinking plenty of water can help curb hunger cravings, which are often signs of thirst.

Don’t eat with your eyes.
Portion control is even more essential during the holiday season. Using small plates and slowly chewing can help you consume fewer calories and keep your diet in check.

Remember that casseroles and cranberry sauce can be high in calories, fat, and sugar. Also, be sure to go light on the gravy and try to reserve half of your plate for colorful vegetables.

When eating salads, go light on the dressing – or choose healthier options like vinaigrettes. For slices of bread, whole-wheat options can be a healthier alternative to white bread.

Lastly, remember that dessert is a treat, but moderation is key. Diabetics and individuals who are at the pre-diabetic stage should especially practice caution when it comes to consuming desserts and other foods. Fresh fruit is always a healthy choice for sweet cravings at the end of your meal.

Remember what we are celebrating
While our schedules seem to keep us busy non-stop, remember to take time to pause and be thankful for everything in your life. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the people and blessings in your life for which you are most grateful.

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