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Honoring old folks

Munday and Benjamin lost pillars of their communities with the recent deaths of Kenneth Baker and Gladene Green.

I was thankful for the privilege of meeting Kenneth and chatting at many Lions Club meetings over the years and as neighbors who I would stop and talk with when out walking.

Just recently, he stopped his pickup in the middle of the street when I was out in the yard as he wanted to check to see how Betty and I were recovering from the virus.  We had a nice visit.

“He was always positive and I never saw him lose his temper,” Wes Latham wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

Gladene wrote a regular column “Benjamin News” for The Knox County News-Courier and always wanted me to not change anything during the editing, most of the time, I listened.

In honor of Kenneth and Gladene, I thought it might be a good time to share a story about old folks like them who set examples for all of us to follow that that I saw recently on Facebook.

Most of them have great work ethics, decent values and personal integrity.

They remember World War II, Pearl Harbor, Hitler, the Korean war and Vietnam, knowing the value of the young men and women who protect us.

They hold doors open for the next person in line.

When walking with their wives, men walk on the outside to protect them.

They remove their caps when going into a restaurant to eat.

They are the ones at sporting events who also remove their hats, stand at attention and sing during the National Anthem.

If they bump into someone on the sidewalk, they are the ones who will apologize.

They seldom brag about themselves, but sometimes do like to share stories when it involves their children or grandkids.

They have a lot of wisdom and don’t mind sharing their experiences.

While there are many younger people who share some of the same values, we definitely now need more old folks like Kenneth Baker and Gladene Green serving as role models for our youths.

Rest in peace, Kenneth and Gladene! We’ll all miss you.


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