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Texas house passes Rep. Frank’s bill

AUSTIN —The Texas House overwhelmingly passed Rep. James Frank’s House Bill (HB) 567 to protect children from the trauma that is inflicted on them by unnecessary removals. With a 143-5 vote, the bill proceeds to the Senate where Senator Bryan Hughes is carrying companion legislation.

The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is tasked with protecting Texas children from maltreatment and often carries out this mission by removing children who have suffered from abuse or neglect from their homes.

Research has shown that children suffer trauma when they are needlessly removed from their homes and placed in foster care—even for a short time. The majority of these removals are due to allegations of neglect; however, this type of maltreatment is often rooted in issues of poverty rather than a blatant disregard for safety or an intentional act by the parent.

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