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Men Cannot take health for granted

KNOX CITY – Studies have shown that men are less likely to visit a healthcare provider for routine medical care than women. In recognition of Men’s Health Month this June, Knox County Hospital District is shining a spotlight on men’s health issues and the importance of preventive care.

“Nobody should take their health for granted, including men,” said Dr. Leon Joplin, at the Munday Clinic, a service of Knox County Hospital District. “Making visits to a healthcare provider regular is key to ensuring that men are in good health and caught up on important health screenings.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men are 80 percent less likely to visit a healthcare provider for preventative care than women. Preventive screenings are key to detecting health issues such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer in their early stages for better treatment outcomes.

Routine wellness visits are also an important way that men take charge of other aspects of their health, such as blood pressure, diabetes risk and the risk of developing other diseases.

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