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Small town stray finds forever home in New York

Courtesy Photo Rio enjoying boat ride.

Courtesy Photo
Rio enjoying boat ride.

By Sondra Albus

Back in February, days before the historic winter ice storm, a four-legged fluffball eventually named “Rio” had been spotted roaming aimlessly around Munday for several days.


Local resident Alan Albus was at work when the Munday animal control officer, Ralph Adams, happened to stop by and mention the pup he was able to corral. After a few messages and phone calls, Debra Sizemore of Happy Tails Rescue was contacted. Happy Tails is a non-profit organization in Seymour that works tirelessly to rescue stray and neglected dogs in the area.

Ralph welcomed Debra’s inquiries and proceeded to work with her regarding Rio. He traveled to Seymour and toured Happy Tails Rescue, and they discussed their mutual concern regarding the issue of stray animals in the area. When asked about their interaction, Debra said, “He is a good guy and cares about the animals.”

With Ralph’s help, Rio left the Munday city pound with Debra to Happy Tails and was soon picked up by PETS Underdog Express program coordinator, Jan Herzog, of Wichita Falls, Texas.

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